Armadillo Removal

While it is common to find armadillos in residential neighborhoods now, they are still viewed as a terrible nuisance. This is typically due to the many MANY holes that they leave all throughout the yard. You may also notice any gardens being dug up and the crops in it being uprooted. While most of this damage is more annoying than detrimental, armadillos may also break pipes or wires that run underground. You may have a pipe broken, or twisted your ankle stepping in a hole, or you just don’t want your crops messed with; no matter what the reason- you should get rid of armadillos as soon as possible.

The best way to prevent an armadillo is to install a fence, while it doesn’t need to be too high it must extend underground at least a couple of inches. Armadillos can’t climb the fence, but they could dig under it. Armadillos are often in your yard to seek out food sources, so you can also keep an eye on the insect population. If there is a relatively low insect population, armadillos will likely be deterred from inspecting your yard.

However, if the armadillo has already moved into your yard, you should trap and remove the armadillo. This is the most effective and humane way to handle your problem. You should use live traps, as any lethal traps on the market likely will not be able to get through the hard shell of the armadillo. However, if you are choosing that method, you should make sure you are using a trap designed for armadillos. Armadillos are not dangerous, so killing them is unnecessary, and live trapping is the best choice.

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