Armadillo Trapping

Once you have decided to trap an armadillo it is important to make sure you go into the situation with plenty of knowledge and the right tools. You can purchase large live traps, which will ensure that the armadillo will fit into the trap easily. Armadillos are nocturnal, so you are likely to catch one in the evening time, meaning that you should check your trap as soon as possible the next day. This can prevent the armadillo from dying from heat should it be left in the trap for too long. However, this will also ensure that the armadillo doesn’t escape; they are strong animals and can bust the cage open if left in long enough to figure it out.

You should set your trap right next to their burrow. Since armadillos will likely not go for any bait, seeing as their main food source is underground, you can likely just set the trap. To ensure that the armadillo will wander in however, you can set up a makeshift fence in the form of a funnel. This will encourage the armadillo to walk into the trap.

It may take a while to trap an armadillo, so it is important to not get discouraged if you don’t catch him in the first couple days. You should not move your cage around too much, since this will just decrease your chances of catching an armadillo. Once captured, you can take the armadillo to a nice area with loose soil that they will thrive in. Then, you should fill in the burrow so that other wildlife doesn’t investigate and move in.

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