How to Catch and Remove a Bat in Your Home

While uncommon, you may at some point find a lone bat flying in the living space of your home. The removal process in this instance is actually very simple, just make sure that you have the proper protective gear - such as thick gloves and long sleeves/pants. These will all protect you, should the bat feel threatened and bite you. You can use a small net or a towel to catch the bat, this way you are not ever directly touching it. You should close all doors and entrances to the room so that the bat is not flying from room to room. You can then wait until the bat lands on a surface you can easily reach, then simply reach out and grab it with the net or towel. If using a towel, apply just enough pressure to keep him still while not harming him in any way. Once you have successfully captured the bat you can bring him outside, where hopefully he will just take off and fly away. If not, you can place him on a tree where he can then climb up to where he feels comfortable taking off.

After the bat is successfully removed from the premises, you should then double check to make sure that your lone guest was ACTUALLY alone. If this is your first encounter with a bat, you are more than likely safe and he just got separated from his group somehow. However, it is important to double check to make sure, as well as go over your home and find out how he got in in the first place. On the other hand, if you have been experiencing bat issues then you want to find how he got from the attic to the living space, and fix it immediately. This will prevent any other bats from being able to come in as well.

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