Bat Houses

Since bats are amazing at keeping pest population down, many people don’t mind keeping bats in the neighborhood. This can be a dilemma though, since, while people want them in the neighborhood, they don’t want them in their home. So where is the happy medium? Bat houses are the best method for keeping bats in the area and out of your home. These provide a roosting spot for small roosts and gives the mothers a safe place for their newborns.

Bat houses are similar to bird houses in appearance, as they are shaped like little houses. They are commonly made of wood. While guano may occasionally build up around the bat house, you shouldn’t have to worry about removing it yourself as mother nature will end up breaking it down naturally. Which in fact, can ALSO benefit your lawn, since guano has rich nutrients for soil.

Bat houses really are a win win for both you and the bats. You get to enjoy the outdoors without getting bitten by mosquitoes, and the bats get a safe place to roost that isn’t in your attic.

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