Removing a Bat from a Chimney

We spend all December preparing our chimney for a big man in a red suit to come down it, but the idea of a bat flying down the chimney is not as appealing. Your chimney is actually the next option for bats, if they cannot get into the attic or if the attic space gets too full. While the process for getting bats out of your chimney is very similar to getting bats out of your attic there is one extra very important step: Make sure you do not light fires while bats are living in your chimney.

When you are going about sealing up any access points, you should make sure that the damper on the chimney is closed. This will keep bats from being able to fly into the living area of your home. When dealing with bats in the chimney, you should also look into installing a chimney cap to keep bats from entering or exiting the top of the chimney. Most commonly, when bats are in your chimney you are dealing with a maternity roost. More than likely, you will have infants in the chimney which means that you must wait until they are able to fly to completely seal off the chimney.

Since there is probably guano in your chimney now, you should probably contact a professional to help clean it out. This just ensures that the guano is completely removed and there are no leftovers remaining that could still cause health issues.

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