Why You Should Never Kill a Bat

The process of eliminating bats is long and tedious, and it’s not like you asked for this to happen. So many people wonder why they should even bother trying to humanely remove the bats rather than just poisoning them. For starters, you probably couldn’t poison a bat if you tried, they are way more interested in mosquitoes and other insects than they are any poisonous food you leave out for them. On the off chance you do get a bat to eat the poison, they will end up dying in your attic. Which will leave you with an even worse smell than when you were just dealing with guano.

Regardless of how you kill the bat, you would then be facing the possibility of a fine. Many bats are protected, which makes killing them illegal. There are many species of bats that are on the endangered or protected species list. Why would such annoying creatures be considered protected? They are actually a vital member of our ecosystem, because they keep mosquito population controlled. If it wasn’t for bats you could never have an outdoor picnic without being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

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