How to get Rid of Birds

Birds are common in states all over the United States, as well as all over the world. While different areas may have different species, there most certainly will always be birds no matter where you live. Most times this isn’t an issue, however sometimes having birds on the property can end up being a bigger hassle than you think. They will build their nests and then become very aggressive when defending their eggs or younglings. The nests can not only be built in your trees but also in your vents, which can be an entirely different issue. The main complaint with birds nesting on or near your property is the poop, they are not very polite animals and will drop their feces when they want and where they want. This can get very annoying and VERY messy to deal with. People will often get annoyed and try to get rid of them, and are surprised by how many species of birds are protected in the state. It can be illegal to remove them from an area, which is why it is important to confirm what species you are dealing with.

The best method of bird control is bird prevention - this basically means stopping the issue before it even exists. While there are many different bird repellents on the market, there are also more permanent methods of control that can be more efficient. Bird spikes are one of the most popular, and are permanently installed to keep birds from being able to land on your roof. Electric deterrents are also a popular method of repelling birds, these just send enough electricity through the bird’s feet to startle them without any lingering effects. When you are dealing with barrel tile, which birds are able to occasionally build nests in, you may want to install bird guard. This is essentially a netting that goes into the tiny spaces which prevents birds from being able to get in. You can also deter birds by removing any tempting items in your lawn, such as foods or bird baths.

If the birds are already nesting on your property, this may be an issue as the mama bird may be more aggressive with you once she has laid eggs. You can use repellents like fake predatory birds, which will scare the birds away. You can also contact a professional to help you at any point during the process.

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