How to Remove a Dead Animal from the Attic

While you may be confused as to why an animal would seek out your attic as their final resting place, it is actually rather common. Most mammals have the urge to remove themselves from their pack and find a secluded spot to pass away, you may have even seen this behavior before with a dog or cat. Your attic does provide a nice dark spot for them to curl up and die on their own. Often though, you’ll find that most dead animals in the attic were accidentally sealed in. They got into the attic, you found the access hole and sealed it, and the animal is now stuck in the attic. Also, if you have poisoned pests in your attic, it is common for the animal who took the poison to find a spot to pass away that you may not be able to find.

If you have decided to try and remove the animal yourself, your very first issue may be the size of your attic. Many homes are only equipped with a crawl space, meaning that it is an exceedingly tight space that you may not even be able to fit in. On the opposing side of this, your attic may be huge- making locating the body almost impossible. Rather you are dealing with a crawl space or cathedral style attic, you are going to want to try and locate the body as soon as possible. You may think it is possible to just “follow” your nose to the smell, but once you are in the attic with all of the insulation and ventilation this may prove difficult. This is especially true if you are dealing with an animal carcass that may be buried in the insulation.

Your best bet is to try and locate the smell while down in the living area. Narrow it down to one set area, and then thoroughly inspect that area of the attic. If the animal has been in the attic long enough, you may also notice a decomposition stain on the ceiling. This will give you an exact location of the carcass in the attic. If you have a crawl space attic space and the animal isn’t in reaching distance, you may have to cut a hole in your ceiling in order to remove the carcass.

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