How to Remove a Dead Animal from the Wall

Sometimes, a sick animal may stumble and fall down behind your wall. Since there are no grips on the inside of your wall, they are unable to climb back up and will end up passing away. You may be able to catch an animal in the wall before it even passes away if you are quick enough. You should be able to hear the light scratching of the animal trying to claw its way back up the wall.

You want to make sure that you are 100% certain about the animal being in your wall, as well as its specific location. You will have to cut a hole in your wall, and you want to make sure you get it right the first time so that you are not cutting multiple random holes in your wall. You may be able to feel warmth coming from the wall at the specific spot, which would be the body giving off heat during decomposition. As silly as it may look, you can also put your nose on the wall to locate the smell.

You will then have to start cutting your hole, you may feel comfortable enough to cut into the wall on your own or you may feel more comfortable with contacting a professional. You won’t find any raccoons behind your wall since they are so large, so your hole doesn’t have to be huge. You want to make sure you just have enough space to reach in and grab the animal. Most often you are going to be looking at rodents or baby animals being stuck behind your walls.

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