DIY Dead Animal Control Guide

Unfortunately dead animals in the attic are not limited to those who have been dealing with pest issues. It is common for a singular animal to find their way into your attic and then pass away. However, it is also common for people with pest issues to find that one of the animals they have been dealing with has passed away in their attic as well. Regardless of how the animal was in the house, many people don’t realize that they have a dead animal somewhere in their home until it’s too late and they have a terrible odor throughout their home.

At first the odor may start subtly, where you may not even notice it or you may only catch whiffs of it occasionally. However, once the body is in full decomposition, the odor can get to be quite terrible. If you live in a state with year-round hot weather, or if it is the summertime, the smell can often get to a point where it is unbearable to even be in the area. If at all possible you should always try to get ahead of the issue and remove the carcass before it gets to that point. However, if you were to leave the carcass alone and allow it to go through all stages of decomposition, the smell would eventually go away. This is very unsanitary, though, and not recommended.

No matter what sort of animal you are dealing with, the smell of a decaying body is not going to be pleasant; however, there are some factors that can mildly affect how much of an odor you are dealing with. Obviously, a larger animal is going to give off a stronger odor and for longer since there is more mass to break down. The time of year and type of weather you are heaving will also affect the odor. Hot and humid weather will often make the odor worse than cool dry weather.

The location of the body and air movement you have going through the house can also have an affect on the odor. More often than not, the animal passes away in your attic but there are times that the animal may fall behind a wall. When an animal dies in the attic, the smell is often less than because there is some ventilation up there to help air out some of the odor. The air movement through your home also plays a large part in the odor. You may notice that you are only smelling the odor at a certain time, which may be when the airflow through your home is whooshing over the body and wafting the smell down to you.

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