Areas Opossums Use to Enter the Home

Just like opossums will use nests from other animals, they also will more than likely use holes already in place on the exterior of your home. They require pretty large holes, and can’t fit through the small holes that rodents can. Because of their opposable claws, they are able to easily climb up the exterior walls of your home making access relatively easy. While they cannot fit through pipes or anything like that, they are able to fit into vents on occasion.

Low-hanging branches over your roof will entice an opossum as well. These make it easy for the opossum to climb up a tree and then lower themselves onto the roof. They are unable to jump, so when the branches are hanging perfectly over your roof, opossums will take advantage of it. Opossums love not having to work for anything.

The most common entry point for opossums are your roof returns, this is the tiny dark corner where your roof and soffit meet. Roofers don’t think about these holes, so they are often left open which makes them perfect access points for opossums and many other wildlife animals. You may be able to identify these as the main entry by the presence of rub marks, feces, or hair that may be left at the entry.

Another common place to find opossums is under a mobile home or deck. They will use any loose lattice work to be able to wiggle their way in.

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