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Evidence of Opossums

Opossum activity is found to be extremely similar to other wildlife signs - most similar to a raccoon. You may find your garbage cans overturned, or any compost areas disturbed. Another common sign of opossums can be found if you have a chicken coop; opossums will sneak in and steal eggs. While most of this activity can also be linked to other wildlife creatures as well, your best option for identifying opossums specifically is the tracks that they leave behind. You will be able to see the extra opposable thumb on the rear foot, along with four claws on the front. The track of the front paw will also have five toes.

Occasionally, an opossum will wander into your attic. This is most often a mother seeking a safe, quiet place to have her babies. You may be able to hear noises coming from your ceiling if this happens. Since opossums are nocturnal, you can expect to hear the majority of sounds at night. They will often sound like dragging or scratching, and will often be slow as opossums do not move very fast. The noises are not necessarily loud, but they are not quiet either. You may also be able to notice your insulation looking ripped or disturbed, this occurs as the opossum is creating a burrow to nest their babies in.

Most opossum activity occurs during their birthing months, which is in the early summer, and during the winter months when they are seeking shelter from cold weather. Since opossums are notoriously slow and clumsy, you may also have the misfortune of having one fall behind your walls and not be able to climb back out. This can mean that you may be left with a terrible odor without an easy way to get to the animal.

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