Opossum Poop Identification

While opossums may not cause much physical damage, they do leave a lot of droppings behind. Opossums are unfortunately not one of the animals that utilize the latrine system, meaning that they leave their droppings wherever they like and whenever they like. While this can make differentiating the feces easier, it makes the clean-up process ten times harder.

Opossum droppings are often similar to raccoon feces in shape and size. They are a bit smaller though, and will often have a white or yellow mold growing in it. Also unlike raccoon droppings, the droppings of an opossum are curly and very rarely come out straight. Raccoons will also use the latrine system, which is the most notable difference in the two.

Whenever you are getting in close contact with the droppings of an opossum you should protect yourself by wearing gloves and a face mask.

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