Best Bait for Raccoons

As you’ve probably seen, raccoons will go after any type of food that they can. Which is why choosing a bait for them can be exceedingly difficult. Raccoons have the mental capacity of a two year old human, and the cravings of one as well. They will go CRAZY for sugary and fatty foods. One of the best baits to get a raccoon is marshmellows, the sugary smell of the treat often will lure the racoon right in. You can also use canned cat food, however you should be careful when using this method as you will likely end up catching a cat or two in the process.

You should be sure to carefully place the bait in the center of the cage, which will prevent the raccoon from just being able to reach in and take it without getting trapped. The raccoon needs to fully walk into the trap in order to be caught. You may also want to wear gloves when baiting your trap, as raccoons can detect human scent and it may scare them off.

Likely, you will not trap your raccoon on your first day, or even possibly the first week. Raccoons are cautious and trapping them may take a couple of weeks. You should leave a bait for about a week without changing it, this will often make the raccoon feel more comfortable with the food. If you change it too much, the raccoon may sense that something is wrong.

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