How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Once you have determined that you are for sure dealing with a raccoon, the next step is to identify how many raccoons you are dealing with. This is one of the most important things to do, since if you are dealing with a babies and a mother, you can expect that the mother may become agitated and combative if you get into the attic with her and the babies. Additionally, if you trapped the mother and didn’t know about the babies, they could potentially pass away in the attic.

You should perform an exclusion, which means sealing your home up of any entry points. While you can begin this process while raccoons are still in the attic, you must be careful to not seal up their main entry. You can find the main entry by the rub marks, feces, or hair that can often be discovered at the opening of the entrypoint. If you are to seal the main entry when dealing with a mother and her babies without trapping the mother first, she will go crazy trying to get back in to get her babies. This can potentially cause more harm to your home than originally planned.

The sanitation is the final step when removing raccoons. Sanitizing is not fun and can be nasty, it is important as it gets rid of bacteria and keeps your family safe from any diseases that could be left behind. As raccoon feces is known to carry diseases, you should always wear protective gloves when removing the waste. As long as there is no significant damage done, you should be able to remove all feces and then go over the area with a disinfectant to break down any other bacteria. However, if the damage to the attic is significant you may need to seek out a professional to help repair the damage.

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