How Does a Raccoon Get in?

You may be wondering why a raccoon chose your apartment. They will often seek out the attic space as it is a safe place to relax and hides them from the weather. The added security of feeling elevated from the ground reminds them of their natural tree burrow homes. Momma raccoons will also use your attic to have their babies, as infant raccoons face more dangers from predators than adults do. Raccoons have their babies during spring months, meaning that you will likely experience majority of raccoon activity during this time.

Since raccoons are larger than many animals that get into attics, they will need a larger access point. They have strong, capable hands, and are able to pull down soffit or other materials in order to create their own holes. Most commonly, they will use a roof return - which is where the roof and soffit meet. Often, these roof returns are left open by the original roofers, and provide a great entry point for raccoons. Raccoons will typically use one entry point - a main entry point- which can be identified by rub marks on the entry point.

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