Raccoon Poison or Deterrent

There is no official “raccoon poison” on the market, however many people would like to poison the raccoon rather than to trap them. They will use common household toxins to try and soak the bait food in. Poisoning raccoons may not be the best method, however; as mammals will often find a hidden spot to pass away in. So if the raccoon is in your attic, you may end up with a dead raccoon that is impossible to reach. Which leaves you with the terrible smell of decomposition.

There are many raccoon deterrents on the market, which can be helpful at times. In the attic, the repellent is typically used for mother raccoons and her babies. It is actually male raccoon urine, as males will often eat baby raccoons to force the mother back into heat. When the mother gets a whiff of the urine, she occasionally will pick up her babies and leave. While not 100%, this method has been proven to evict mothers and babies on occasion.

There are also repellents that are used exclusively for outdoor use. These are often used alongside other prevention methods, such as spotlights, which deter raccoons from digging through trash. These deterrents are often sprays that are used on the problem area, and must be reapplied constantly.

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