Why do Raccoons Poop in Pools?

As much as you love your pool, raccoons also enjoy the pool as well. In their natural habitat, raccoons are well-known for going for swims in bodies of water available to them. They will also wash their hands, or food, in the cool water as well. While this is all natural to a raccoon, it is not so fun when it is in your own pool.

None of these things seem necessarily bad, however raccoons will also poop in your pool. Which turns the whole situation into a more disgusting thing. So why does a raccoon poop in your pool? Most commonly, it is because in nature the water will take away their poop for them Since raccoons try to hide their poop, they have associated water with the ability to take poop away.

If you have been experiencing a raccoon pooping in your pool, you should make sure to get your pool properly cleaned and rebalanced.

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