Signs of Raccoons

Raccoon activity is easy to identify, no matter if it is outside on your lawn or inside your attic. They are well known for leaving a mess behind them everywhere they go. The most commonly identified sign of raccoon activity is the overturned trash cans, with the garbage being strewn all over the place. People who have ponds in their yards have also reported finding carcass’ of fish half-eaten and discarded to the side of the pond. They are also known for digging up gardens to eat the fruits or veggies growing in them.

If the raccoon has made its way into your attic, you may be noticing more intense signs. Since raccoons are larger animals, the noises you may be hearing in your attic are much louder than with many other animals. In fact, the thumping and dragging sounds may even sound like a human walking around in your attic. Since raccoons are nocturnal, these noises are often most experienced at night. If you are dealing with a mother raccoon with babies, you may also hear the babies crying out at night when mama leaves to hunt food.

No matter where the signs are, outside or inside, raccoons are easy to identify. This can actually be a good thing, since the earlier you catch onto activity the sooner you can eliminate your pest.

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