How to Trap a Raccoon

Likely, you want to set traps as soon as possible for your raccoon. Raccoon traps are limited, though. However, the traps on the market are proven effective in raccoon trapping! The most common traps that you can find are between 1 and 2 door traps. The main difference between the traps is that with a two door trap, you may be able to trap multiple raccoons. The most important thing, regardless of what trap you buy, is that you buy a large trap. If the trap is too small, you run the risk of the raccoon not fitting into to the trap.

Finding the most ideal spot for your trap is one of the most difficult parts of trapping a raccoon. You will likely want to find a spot where you have noticed raccoon activity. If you are trapping a raccoon that is living in your attic, you want to set the trap outside of the main entry point. Many will try to trap the raccoon in the attic or on the roof, however these can end up causing more damage. The raccoon will panic and either break things in the attic, or cause the trap to fall off the roof when they are trapped. You should set the trap on the lawn, close to the main entry point, where they are sure to see it when they exit to search for food. If you are trapping for a raccoon on the property, you can set the trap along fencelines or by areas the raccoon frequents.

When setting the trap, it is important to ensure that the trap is set properly. If not, the raccoon may be able to walk into the trap and back out, all without setting off the trigger for the door. Make sure you check your trap daily, more than once if possible. This can prevent any suffering from the animal, and keeps you from dealing with a dead animal in your backyard. If you are dealing with a mother and babies, you should trap the mother first and then proceed to hand remove the babies before you release her. This way, you can release them all together. When you are releasing them, you should find a wooded area far away from your home.

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