Best Bait for Rats

Since rats will eat anything that they are able to, the matter of what bait to use can be an issue. While it’s true they will go after most anything, there have been some baits that are proven to be effective.

Peanut Butter is one of the most commonly used baits. Rats are often not able to chew through the hard plastic that peanut butter comes in, which makes it an exciting new treat. However, rats can also be lured in with meats - particularly greasy salty meats such as slim jims or bacon. If there is a food in your kitchen that you’ve noticed the rats going after, you may also use this as a bait. They may be more receptive to a known treat.

Trapping rodents can take a long time, and may get frustrating. Rats are known to be naturally cautious and wary, meaning that they will typically stay away from the traps to start. You may want to change baits immediately following a period of no hits, however you should give the bait some time before you change it. Often, the best is to give it about a week; this way, the rats will become comfortable with the bait and increase your chances of trapping them.

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