Where you May Find Rodents in Your Home

Rats will most often be found in the attic, however this does not mean that they will not be located in any other part of the house. The next most common place in the home to find rats is behind the walls, rats will occasionally start in the attic and then find a way into the walls through cracks or small entry points. If you are dealing with Norway Rats, however, they will often enter the home through pipes in the wall.

Rats will be drawn to any area where they are able to hide easily, while also having access to food. These kind of areas can include: Laundry rooms, garages, and pantries. Of course, this is dependant on how often these rooms are used and if they are easily able to access the kitchen from them. Even if they aren’t living in an area, a rat will at least investigate any room that they have ability to enter.

They are also commonly known to hide behind large kitchen appliances, namely refrigerators and dishwashers. Holes are often cut to allow wiring to be fed through, however they are often left too wide which provides a perfect entry point for rats. They are able to hide behind these appliances until they are ready to venture out for food.

If you ignore a rodent issue for a period of time, they may even be able to start working their way into the living space. However, once the issue reaches this point, they may be almost impossible to get rid of. They will have a constant source of food, and this will make it unlikely that they will seek out the bait on traps.

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