Health Risks

Many people freak out when rats move in because of their role in spreading the plague throughout Europe, luckily in today’s society you don’t have to worry about rats bringing the plague into your home. However, as they are wild animals, they have the capability of bringing other diseases and bacterias into your home.

Rats today are known to carry many different diseases, over 30 to be exact - with meningitis being the most common. Most of the diseases that they are known to carry are commonly transferred by ingesting food that rats have touched. This just increases the already terrible feeling of dread of them being in your kitchen. You should throw all food away that could potentially be contaminated, which will reduce your risk of ingesting any food with bacteria on it. These diseases can also be spread through their waste, their urine and feces, which is why it is important to always wear gloves when dealing with rodent waste.

Rats can also bring tiny pests into your home, such as fleas or ticks. Which, even without household pets, can prove to be difficult to get rid of. You don’t want to have to deal with fleas on top of rats!

Rats are also linked to anxiety attacks when they are residing in a home. The lack of sleep and thoughts of rats in your kitchen is enough to make anyone snap. While they are in your attic, they may also chew on electrical wires, which can prove to be a fire hazard and potentially put your family in danger as well.

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