How Do Rats Get in?

When you find rats in your home, you may find yourself asking “why is this happening?”, but you should be asking yourself “How are they getting in?”. When you ask this question first, you are then able to go out and find the entry point that the rats are using. Doing this can prevent any future intrusions, as long as you are properly sealing the entry point once you find it.

Rats are excellent at climbing, and are able to climb your exterior walls to find entry points on the roof. They are also able to fit into holes no bigger than a quarter! This makes finding all potential entry points difficult, even if the hole isn’t big enough originally they are often able to chew the opening to enlarge it enough to fit through. Then, once they have made their way inside, they are able to chew through your drywall or wood to get into other rooms.

Norway Rats will often gain entry through the plumbing. They are able to squeeze through the pipes and then enter the home. Many older homes were built with lead pipes for the plumbing. The lead material is soft enough for them to chew through, which is how they often get out of the pipes and into the home. Which means you now have a plumbing leak and rats in your home.

Roof Rats will sometimes use trees close to the roof to climb and then jump down onto the roof. This makes the process ten times easier for them, so it may be in your best interest to keep tree limbs trimmed back. While rats will still find a way in if they are determined, making it less easy for them may deter them.

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