Rat Facts

Often, rats are given the stigma of being evil or disgusting rodents, and when you have to get close and personal with them - you more than likely feel the same. However, rats are highly intelligent creatures with a natural social instinct. This is why if you notice one rat in your home, you definitely have more - in fact, rats are so dependant on being social that they are often known to display signs of depression when alone. A group of rats is sometimes referred to as a “mischief”, if that’s any indication as to why you wouldn’t want them in your home. While rats have a mean look to them, mostly because of their long teeth, they are actually shy creatures and are more likely to run from you than they are to come after you. They are also proven to have an exceptional memory, which can make getting rid of them even harder than other animals.

Rats are members of the rodent family, along with mice and squirrels, and are considered to be “mid-sized”. They are similar to mice in many ways, however the main difference is the size, rats are often larger and thinner than mice. In total, there are over 60 different types of rats that you can find all over the world, all of which are at least 5 inches in length. They are also commonly nocturnal creatures, meaning that you would most often see them at night.

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