How to Get Rid of Skunks

Skunks are renowned for the terrible odor that they emit when they feel threatened. However, this smell is often the worst of their aggression. Skunks are native to North America and are non-aggressive animals. They can most often be found munching on insects, however they are also known for eating small animals as well as fruits and veggies. They will dig through the dirt to create burrows as well as root up insects.

You can identify skunk tracks in your yard by the identifiable five toes on both their front and rear paws. Other signs of skunks can often be linked to other wildlife animals, knocking over trash cans or invading chicken coops. The identifiable factor for skunks is often the odor that they leave behind if they get frightened and spray at any point.

Many people are hesitant to try and trap a skunk because they are afraid to get sprayed. However, live trapping and relocating a skunk is often the best method for skunk removal. There are steps that you can take to prevent yourself from being sprayed should you go forward with live trapping. Make sure that you are completely covered, long pants and sleeves, and approach the trap slowly, taking care to not make any sudden movements. You can also cover the trap with a towel or blanket, since a skunk will not spray unless they can see what they are aiming for.

You can also set up deterrents such a wildlife flood lights to keep skunks away from your yard, these bright lights will also keep any other nocturnal wildlife from snooping around your home. Skunks are not excellent climbers, so installing a fence may also help to keep them off of your property; they can dig, however, so you should ensure that the fence goes underground a couple of inches.

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