Squirrel Activity

Squirrels are not very large animals, but you may be able to hear the noises that they make. Squirrels are active during the day, they are diurnal, so you will often hear any sounds from them during the early morning and early evening. Much like you, this is when the squirrel is getting up and ready for the day, and then returning for the evening. The sounds that they make can sometimes go unnoticed since they are tiny animals, however if you are listening for them, you may be able to hear a light scratching and scurrying. The noises can often be heard all over as the squirrels are running back and forth, and as you’ve probably noticed how fast squirrels run you can expect that the sounds they make are pretty fast as well.

While squirrel activity can be year-round, especially in warmer states, the most often times that you will experience more squirrel activity during their maternity months. Squirrels will have two litters in the year, the first in the months between February and April and then again between August and September. The mother squirrel would like to be in the attic before her litter is born, so you will notice more squirrel intrusions in the month or so leading into the birthing months. The infants are then completely defenseless for the next 8 weeks of life, which can make getting rid of squirrels during this time exceedingly difficult.

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