Bait For Squirrels

Baiting your trap, regardless of what style you have is important, as this is what lures the squirrel in. You can go out to the store and find any number of “squirrel foods” that are advertised, which you may think makes the best bait. These are pricey though, and you more than likely already have something in your kitchen that would be a perfect bait for squirrels.

Peanut butter is one of the best things to use to catch squirrels. They love the sweet nutty smell, and you likely already have some in your pantry. If you have a bird feeder, you can also use the seeds from that as I’m sure you’ve noticed squirrels eating from them as well. If you really want to peak your squirrel’s interest, you can put the seeds on top of the peanut butter!

Squirrels will go after almost anything nutty or fruity, so even a granola bar may be the perfect bait for them. If you happen to notice a particular bait isn’t working, try to give it a few days before changing it. If you change things up too much, it will discourage the squirrel from ever being comfortable with the food and your chances of catching him decrease significantly.

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