Cleaning The Attic

With the house sealed and all of the squirrels gone, you are finally ready to move onto the last step in the process before you can relax. The sanitation of your attic is one of the most important things you can do, as it helps eliminate any bacteria or diseases that the squirrels brought in. You will be getting up close to squirrel droppings, so it is probably best to wear gloves and a face mask while performing the sanitation.

Hopefully, the squirrels weren’t there long enough to do major damage and you can get through this process fairly quick. You must remove all droppings and then dispose of them immediately. You should then go over the area with a disinfectant, or if you do not have a good one bleach with water will also work; this will eliminate any bacteria that could be left behind.

However, on the off chance that squirrels were able to do significant damage to your home while inside, you should contact a professional and see about having your insulation removed and re-installed.

With all of that done, you should finally be able to rest easy knowing that you don’t have any more unwanted guests in your attic!

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