Common Signs of Squirrels in the Attic

You can use a couple methods mentioned above to identify if you are truly dealing with a squirrel. Identifying your pest is extremely important, because if you identify the wrong type of animal the methods that work to trap that animal may not work on whatever animal you are truly dealing with.

Squirrel noises are light and fast. They will sound like scurrying and digging as the squirrels are running about the attic and trying to make their nests. You will likely most often hear these noises during the morning hours or early evening, which is when the squirrel is getting up and then settling back in. The most common months for squirrel activity are February to April and August to September, which is when they are having their two litters.

If you see holes around your home with gnaw marks on them, this is another great sign of a squirrel. Squirrels can fit into holes that are an inch and a half wide, so it is important to make sure that you have looked around your home several times to identify any access points that squirrels could potentially be using.

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