Dangers of Squirrels in the Home

The noises that the squirrels in your attic may be annoying, but they are only the start of your problems. Having squirrels in your attic can prove to be incredibly dangerous. While all wild animals bring certain dangers into your own home, squirrels being a part of the rodent family, come with their own special set of risks. Squirrels fit into extremely small holes, and even if they don’t fit to start, they are able to chew an opening big enough to fit through.

Squirrels also have the urge to gnaw on everything that they can, this keeps their front teeth from growing too long and sharp. One of the most dangerous things that a squirrel can find to chew on are electrical wiring, which can end up becoming a fire hazard if it goes unnoticed. Squirrels will also chew on insulation to form their nests, this can actually harm the squirrel and also cause significant damage to the insulation to the point where it must be replaced. Squirrels will also chew on the wooden beams, which can end up damaging the structural integrity of your home if they chew on the wrong beam.

Outside of the home, squirrels may also cause damage to your lawn or garden. Once they get comfortable using your home as their own, they may dig up your garden for veggies. They may also dig holes in the lawn looking for insects.

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