Health Hazards from Squirrels

Fortunately, there are not as many health risks with squirrels as their are with other animals. While it was a former common thought that squirrels commonly carried the rabies virus, it has since been proven that it is actually very rare that a squirrel will have rabies - even rarer that they will transfer it to a human. While the reason behind squirrels not carrying rabies often is unknown, you can at least breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have to worry about contracting rabies from your squirrel guest.

In fact, the most common threat that squirrels bring into your home are fleas and ticks. Both of these pests are capable of thriving in your home with or without pests and can end up causing even more trouble than just dealing with squirrels in the attic. Fleas can be very difficult to get rid of as they can thrive on carpets, clothes, or on skin. Ticks are bloodsucers that attach themselves to their host for extended periods of time.

Squirrel droppings can also carry their own set of diseases, these typically only occur in extreme cases, however you can potentially contract salmonella or leptospirosis from their waste.

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