How to Trap a Squirrel

If you are absolutely certain that you are dealing with a squirrel, you are ready to move into trapping it and getting rid of your problem! There are several kinds of traps that you can purchase, both humane and lethal.

The best option for trapping squirrels is a live trap, which is a steel cage equipped with a trap door that will hold the squirrel until you release him. You should make sure that you buy a relatively small trap, otherwise the squirrel may not be heavy enough to set it off. This trap will not kill the squirrel and allows you to bring it to a new area where you can release it and it can thrive. However, there are also lethal traps on the market. These serve as bigger rat traps and will snap down on the squirrel, killing it.

Rather you are live trapping or not, it is important to check your traps daily. With live traps you don’t want the animal dehydrating and dying from being left in the trap for an extended period of time, and with lethal traps you don’t just want a carcass sitting around. If you have an animal decaying, rather intentional or not to kill it, you will end up attracting other wildlife to the area. It is also important not to get discouraged if you don’t catch a squirrel on your first couple days of trapping, they are naturally cautious and could take a while to warm up to your trap.

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