Why do Squirrels Live in Attics?

While you have probably seen squirrels being fed by both bird-feeders and other people, they seem to be doing pretty well for themselves. Squirrels do pretty well in the wild, however they seek out your attic for additional security from natural predators and harsh weather. The attic is also commonly one of the least used spaces in your house, which means that they can go for extended periods of time without being noticed.

The predator list for squirrels is quite long, as they are pretty small animals and are quite low on the food chain. These include: predatory birds, large dogs or cats, and snakes. Most times squirrels are just looking for a place where they can finally relax, which is often your attic.

Baby squirrels are born defenseless, so many times a mother squirrel has gotten in to find a safe spot for her babies. The insulation that is in your attic provides the perfect nesting material and keeps the babies warm.

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